Do You Want To Do Xmas Differently This Year?

Christmas can be such a hard time for a lot of people who don’t quite fit into the “happy family” model. They may have somewhere to be on Christmas Day that causes them a lot of stress. So many people I speak to feel bound by the unspoken contract that says you must follow this long-held tradition and spend Xmas with your family. To risk doing otherwise is unheard of.

It is, I think, quite ironic and very sad that in these times of being able to be connected to the entire world through our electronic devices many of us struggle Continue reading Do You Want To Do Xmas Differently This Year?

Healing Circle – A Sanctuary From Stress

My guess is that healing circles have been around since the year dot and that all cultures have had some form or other of them. No surprise there because they are so nourishing and a fantastic way to remember our place here on this earth and how essential it is that we remain connected to each other and our surroundings.

If you have never been to one I invite you to come along and see for yourself. Tuesday December 5th at 7.00  More info

The Aftermath of Suicide – Comedian Aisling Bea’s beautifully written but heart-breaking take on her father’s death when she was three.

This beautifully written article by Aisling Bea (30) on her father’s suicide – when she was three – was published in The Guardian (UK) at the beginning of this month. She articulates superbly how the anguish of his absence was a constant throughout her childhood and beyond. How his suicide shaped her view of herself and her place in world and how she is now starting to come to terms with it. It is heartbreaking, thought provoking and healing all at the same time.

Aisling Bea: My Father’s Death

Aisling Bea’s Twitter post linking to this story and comments from others

If after reading this article you feel you need to reach out and talk about what is going on for you please do so. There are so many fantastic people (friends, healthcare workers and organisations) around to help you get through this day, this moment, this time. Take advantage of that.

In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 14. or Beyond Blue  on 1300 22 4636. International suicide helplines can be found at


Healthcare Practitioners – Last Healing Circle of the Year

For most of us healthcare practitioners, whether we work for ourselves or not, getting a long break is a hard thing to achieve. I think this is why I look forward to the Xmas break each year. The irony here is that most of us champion rest, relaxation and taking time out repeatedly to our clients as we know that it is a vital part of healing and keeping ourselves in balance. It’s a no brainer!  Hands up then, those of you who manage to do this on a regular basis.

Our November Circle will be the last one for this year. Come and sit with me and others in our healing circle and share what 2017 meant to you and what you are dreaming up for 2018.