What About Me? Learning To Say NO!


I cannot believe that I have just said YES #!!*&##!!…  I am already up to my eyeballs and beyond!!! What on earth gets into me when I know that I need to say NO and I end up saying YES or at least not saying NO!

Sound familiar?

Why is it that we do this? Are we not reasonably intelligent people who know that we are already stretched beyond what we thought was our limit? It is easy to spot when we are looking at our co-workers, friends and others, isn’t it? Yet when it comes to ourselves we have total amnesia about what would be considered a reasonable limit to how much we are capable of doing in the time we have available to us given our circumstances. It’s like there is no Off button for this ever-pleasing, must-get-it-right, can’t-let-others-down martyr who lives within us. Phew, it’s all so exhausting, isn’t it? And I don’t just mean all the extra work that lands on our doorstep, but also all the extra head mileage.

It can seem like there is no end in sight and that sometimes the world also joins in to make the road a little steeper, and you find yourself saying NEVER AGAIN…. then your boss/supplier/partner/client/child asks something of you and yep… you guessed it… YES is the word that comes out of your mouth before you’ve even had time to blink. ARRGHHH!!!

If I told you that what’s going on here is your need to please people or to be seen as competent or a host of other things, you’d say yes, I know that, I’ve got the books, been to the seminars, got the certifications and watched the webinar with Oprah, and nothing’s changed. What else is there to do?

How about sharing the load with others who are in the same anguish? This is weighty stuff, and sometimes it is much easier to learn and change when we learn from each other through sharing our stories, having a laugh together and a cry on the shoulders of others who “get it” and “get us”.

Learning To Say No is the first part of my “What About Me?” series.

The aim of this series is to come together over Morning Tea with other like-minded working women, to help each other navigate our way through the hard stuff that we encounter. To share what we know and our rich experiences of life so far. To become conscious of the choices we are making from an informed and shared point of view. To slot some whimsy and fun into how life can be. And to travel down the road together, for a while at least.

What About Me? Learning To Say NO!


Wednesday 18th April 10.00 – 11.30



Numbers are limited to 10, so if this strikes a chord with you book early through www.whycounsellingbusselton.com/events/

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