Hello To Me – 10-Week Workshop

I am really delighted to announce that I am collaborating with Jo Edmond from Core Therapy Psychology Services to bring a new  psycho-educational workshop to the south-west. Hello To Me is an interactive 10-week workshop combining neuroscience with a heart-centred approach to mental & emotional wellness.

Hello To Me has been conceived as a life-affirming, educational and experiential workshop that helps participants to identify and demystify patterns which keep them from flourishing and living a wholehearted life. It combines neuroscience with a heart-centred approach to mental and emotional well-being, facilitating change at a core level and sparking a new sense of purpose from within.

Hello To Me raises our awareness and challenges our preconceived beliefs about who we are and where we fit into our families, our workplaces and our communities. With fresh information, new strategies and the support of the group we can start to rewire our brains to make new patterns and feel more connected to ourselves, which will lead to greater emotional and mental well-being.

Hello To Me is suitable for adults dealing with:

• Stress • PTSD • Anxiety • Bullying • Depression • Self-motivation issues • Self-esteem issues                            • Relationship issues

Participants can be referred under a Mental Health Care Plan through a doctor.

Please contact Genevieve 0478 628 288 or Jo (08) 9750 54 13 if you have any queries about whether this workshop is suitable for you.

Duration: 10 weeks (every Wednesday)
Wednesday, 29 May until Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Time: 7.00pm – 8.45pm

Group size 10 max

Venue: Naturaliste Community Centre
Dunsborough Lakes Drive, Dunsborough WA

Cost: $550.00
Medicare rebate available

BOOKINGS: Core Therapy Psychology Services
Phone (08) 9750 5413