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The Invisible Power of Words

The Invisible Power Of Words

Last weekend I took part in a Pecha Kucha evening in Dunsborough. If you’re not familiar with Pecha Kucha (look it up) it’s a fantastic way  to test your comfort zone about public speaking in front of your local community. The deal is that you are allowed 20 photo’s in which you get to speak to for 20 seconds so 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total. Yikes!!!

My talk was on the invisible power of words a topic that I am passionate about and one that really has the ability to change your life.

Check out the video and I apologise that the lighting wasn’t too good for the speakers but then again the message is the point of the exercise and you can certainly hear me.


Suicide:The Ripple Effect Documentary

Sometimes as an individual and as a community we can be completely overwhelmed by the subject of suicide. We don’t know what to do or say or how to help others and the community around us who have been affected by suicide.

Suicide: The Ripple Effect is a documentary that addresses this issue. Made by Kevin Hines, a suicide survivor himself, it chronicles his recovery over the last 18 years and his mission to use his story to help others stay alive and to make us comprehend the vital importance of building an understanding community for the mental well-being of all of us.

We simply can’t do this on our own, and neither can our medical/health/government systems. This is a crisis that ripples across every area of our community and it needs the collective wisdom and power of this community to join in the conversation. Our hope in screening this film is to create a space for every member of our community to know that they are not alone in their overwhelm and that somehow, collectively, we can be the catalyst for change.

There will be a Q & A session at the end of the film with a panel consisting of a GP, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a mental healthcare educator and a number of other practitioners.

The film is brought to you by the Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Network, which is a network of over 200 practitioners here in the south-west of Australia. It is a fundraising evening for our free Wellness Festival in Busselton on Sunday, 28th October 2018.

WHEN: Saturday, 28th July. Doors open at 5:45pm for coffee, tea and other refreshments as part of the fundraising, and the film will screen at 6:30pm sharp.

WHERE: Georgiana Molloy Anglican School, Multi-purpose Activity Centre (MAC), 2 Hawker Approach, Yalyalup, WA 6280

COST: $23.00 AUD admission + $2.00 AUD booking fee = $25.00 AUD

Online bookings only, through Fanforce: GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

Knowing Things

Knowing things. The older I get the more I know important things like… I know nothing compared to this old beauty… I know that I often find myself envious of what trees know and what they have seen… I know that I am completely jealous of just how unflappable they are with all their secrets… I know that my heart whistles a tune every time I go by. I love knowing these things.

The Importance of Belonging – Brené Brown

It’s all about belonging. At the end of the day, knowing that we belong to our families and our communities is perhaps our most primary emotional need.

In this sermon Brené Brown talks about her research findings on belonging and how a lack of belonging leads to loneliness and disconnection. Here she puts it in the context of what she wants from her church. She also puts it in the context of the state of the world at the moment, and I couldn’t agree more.

In this increasingly disconnected world where blame is the easiest weapon and fear has taken up residence in the bottom of our guts, our craving for belonging has never been greater. But I’m not sure we identify that discomfort with our need for belonging.

Brené does, and she is on a mission to wake us up and make us aware that we have the power collectively and individually to change the trajectory of our communities.

And I say “Amen” to that!

Healing Circles Return for 2018

WholeHearted You is once again hosting Healing Circles on the First Tuesday of the month.If you are longing for a deeper connection with yourself, others and the universe, then come along.

You will find the evening uplifting, inclusive, relaxing, informative, spiritual and reinvigorating. Take the risk, listen to your heart, and if it feels right join us on Tuesday, 6th March

Tickled Pink – Kevin Kling

Nothing speaks to the heart quite like a poem or a song.
Kevin Kling is a master at observations of the heart.

Tickled Pink
By Kevin Kling

At times in our pink innocence
We lie fallow
Waiting to grow
And other times we rush headlong like so many of our ancestors

But rush headlong or lie fallow
It doesn’t matter
One day you’ll round a corner
Your path is shifted
In a blink something is missing Continue reading Tickled Pink – Kevin Kling

Do You Want To Do Xmas Differently This Year?

Christmas can be such a hard time for a lot of people who don’t quite fit into the “happy family” model. They may have somewhere to be on Christmas Day that causes them a lot of stress. So many people I speak to feel bound by the unspoken contract that says you must follow this long-held tradition and spend Xmas with your family. To risk doing otherwise is unheard of.

It is, I think, quite ironic and very sad that in these times of being able to be connected to the entire world through our electronic devices many of us struggle Continue reading Do You Want To Do Xmas Differently This Year?

The Aftermath of Suicide – Comedian Aisling Bea’s beautifully written but heart-breaking take on her father’s death when she was three.

This beautifully written article by Aisling Bea (30) on her father’s suicide – when she was three – was published in The Guardian (UK) at the beginning of this month. She articulates superbly how the anguish of his absence was a constant throughout her childhood and beyond. How his suicide shaped her view of herself and her place in world and how she is now starting to come to terms with it. It is heartbreaking, thought provoking and healing all at the same time.

Aisling Bea: My Father’s Death

Aisling Bea’s Twitter post linking to this story and comments from others

If after reading this article you feel you need to reach out and talk about what is going on for you please do so. There are so many fantastic people (friends, healthcare workers and organisations) around to help you get through this day, this moment, this time. Take advantage of that.

In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 14. or Beyond Blue  on 1300 22 4636. International suicide helplines can be found at befrienders.org


Wellness Expo – Busselton

It’s hard to believe that it is now 12 months since I attended the first Wellness Expo here in Busselton. What a life-changing day that was! I became so caught up in the energy of collaboration and connection that I sensed in this beautiful region that here I am with my own Expo stall and 10 months of living in Busselton under my belt and loving it!

I am passionate about helping people find out who they really are when they are feeling stuck or trapped by life and it seems to be all uphill. My own journey has helped me see that anything is possible, we just need others to help guide us through when we get bogged down in the everyday. We are not here to do this journey on our own, we are hardwired for community and we thrive when we feel encompassed by one.

Come and say hello to me and have a chat about things if you’ve wondered whether counselling would be right for you. WholeHearted You Counselling will be in stall 22 at the end of Queen St near Marine Tce.

There will be 35 practitioner stalls and a host of inspirational speakers in the Weld Theatre. Make a day of it and spend a few hours learning about what wonderful healthcare is available here in this fabulous region.

The Grass Is Always Greener

The grass is always greener or so it seems. But is it? Too often we are blind to the things that we already have or we have become complacent about having these things. It’s easy to mix our needs up with our wants. Too many wants can leave us feeling empty and like we don’t have enough and there is no end to that kind of longing. It’s a one way street.

Become conscious of what you do have already and look underneath your wants to find the feelings that hide out there. They’ll lead you to your very own green fields.


Genevieve Morrissey